Saturday, February 19, 2011

cookie pizza


I love my kids' birthdays and the preparation. It gives me time to reflect and think about when I prepared for their arrivals. Daughter #2 turns 6 soon. Six years ago I went to a doctor's appointment on a Monday morning and was told after an ultrasound to come back at 5pm for an induction and not to eat anything after noon. My oldest who was almost 3 was with me and we went straight to McDonald's (a very common thing to do during my pregnancies) where we each got burgers. Mine was a double cheeseburger and we drove to a park in my neighborhood to eat them. As I sat there I felt all sorts of emotions but most of all I was overjoyed that I would give my daughter the gift I had wanted at a very young age but didn't get until I was older- a brother or sister.

cookie pizzadough: For this pizza we used my grandma's sugar cookie dough recipe but you can use store bought. We've used chocolate chip cookie dough in the past but I like the look of the white crust. Just press the dough onto a pizza pan or 9x13. For this party we pressed one batch of cookie dough into both. It was just the right amount.

sauce: Add red food coloring concentrate into homemade or store bought icing. This time we bought our icing and it took 1 container to ice both pizzas.

cheese: This time we added yellow food coloring concentrate into store bought icing (only took about 1/4 of a container) and piped loops onto the sauce. In the past we have used white and yellow sprinkles and they worked well or you can use white and yellow-colored coconut.

toppings: I think circles cut out of fruit roll-ups works great for pepperoni but I couldn't find any solid red roll-ups so we cut licorice bites into small pieces. We cut up green and white gumdrops for green peppers and onions. If you want to cut up the yellow gumdrops you'll have pineapple chunks! love this stuff!

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  1. This is HILARIOUS! My kids will LOVE this ! Looks like a GREAT dinner for April Fool's day :)