Sunday, September 13, 2015

store bought favorite: key lime cilantro taco skillet sauce

This is another amazing pouch bursting with flavors unique to the other pouches that Frontera sells.  This one was intended for shrimp and fish but I used chicken and it was a huge hit.  I always kick myself for not stocking up and buying more the first time.  Two of my very favorite foods are roasted tomatillos and green chiles so there's no wonder I loved this pouch so much.  Give it a try!

store bought favorite: key lime cilantro taco skillet sauce (by Frontera)
Cook up some shrimp, fish, or in my case chicken then simmer it in the sauce for 10 minutes.  Serve it in warm tortillas with all the fixins and you'll end up with a super healthy, super delicious meal.

Friday, September 4, 2015

mini pancake kabobs

I saw these and they were so cute I had to make them.  Next time I will replace the banana with a slice of peach or strawberry but the banana was all I had on hand this time.  The kids went crazy for them, even my husband. Wait!  I just saw on the blog I heart naptime that they used  Nutella and strawberries- I totally should've used that.  That's what I'm doing next time.

mini pancake kabobs (I heart naptime)
pancake batter (follow directions on package)
peanut butter or nutella
syrup for drizzling

There's not much to tell.  I made some Krusteaz pancake mix and used a teaspoon to drop the batter into the skillet.  I made the little pancakes then alternated pancakes, peanut butter and bananas on a fancy toothpick then drizzled some syrup on top.  Next time I will alternate pancakes, nutella and strawberries!