Friday, April 22, 2011

egg mcmuffin

I was in the mood for one of these. I rarely buy American cheese (is it really cheese?! Should Americans or foreigners really be eating this stuff?!) but it's a must if I'm trying to recreate a McDonald's delight. I do buy it occasionally for grilled cheese but it's pretty rare. These were a big hit tonight except my kids saw the "cheese" and opted to not have any because they didn't recognize it as cheese. I should be proud. We enjoyed ours with apple slices and I'm about to make myself a plain yogurt and blueberry parfait. You can enjoy your mcmuffin as a sandwich or as a hat.

egg mcmuffin
english muffins, split and toasted
sliced ham, fried in a grill pan (no extra oil necessary)
American cheese
eggs, scrambled and fried then cut into fourths

I know you are too brilliant to need step by step instructions so just take a stab at it.

P.S.  For sausage mcmuffins, buy a pound of light jimmy deans breakfast sausage.  Divide it into 6 equal portions.  Roll into a ball, flatten out and cook.  Place on your english muffin with cheese and eggs.

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  1. Quite possibly my favorite post EVER! Everything from the unrecognizable cheese to the hat to you craving one of these things....good material.
    Two things made my day today - reading this and seeing you. So fun...