Monday, December 19, 2011

sugar cone christmas trees

I completely forgot we made these last year until I took a little walk down memory lane by looking at last year's photos.  These were so easy (from a hostess point of view) and really fun.  In our family we have a tradition- we don't eat the candy off our gingerbread houses, sugar cone trees or sugar cookie trees until New Year's Eve.  At that time it's a total free-for-all and I am always sure to have my video camera ready.

sugar cone christmas trees
sugar cones
royal icing to secure trees to plates (but I think I boiled down sugar)
tub of commercial icing
food coloring (if you wish)
lots of candy!

All you do is secure the trees to the paper plate with royal icing.  Decorate the trees with icing and candy!  The bigger the forest the better.

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