Saturday, November 12, 2011

candy corn coolers

Happy Hour was at 4:15 yesterday when I presented these drinks to my kiddos and their friend whom was over for dinner.  Aren't these so fun?  I was going to save this recipe for Thanksgiving dinner but I couldn't wait.  We'll have them again!  Every year I looked forward to when my mom served Martinelli's over the holidays.  I have to say this is way more fancy!

My friend Mandy's wheels are always spinning.  She has this fun blog with tons of her own ideas.  Take a look at her coolers because she was able to get the layered look that I didn't achieve.  Next time I might try lemonade instead of orange juice to see if that makes a difference.  They were a bit hit, especially with my husband who loves flavored syrups and loves orange juice.

candy corn coolers (my friend Mandy at blog: Gourmet Mom on the Go
24 ounces orange juice or lemonade
18 ounces Torani orange syrup (we used Le Sirop de Monin because we couldn't find Torani)
refrigerated aerosol whipped cream

Fill six 8-ounce glasses half full with juice.  Carefully pour 3 ounces orange syrup into each glass.  Top with whipped cream and serve!

What I have to say- I used 16-ounce glasses and it was way too much drink for my kiddos.  It was the perfect size for my husband!  If you're serving children, stick with the 8-ounce glasses.



    Maybe you have seen these, but if not they are so fun!!!

  2. oh, and I made the cranberry orange bread, was tasty!!!

  3. Nikki- those layered drinks look GREAT! We will make those. Thanks for sharing!!