Friday, January 6, 2012

melted snowman s'mores

My friend Lindsy hosted preschool yesterday.  What a fun lesson.  She read Snowmen at Night, we had Snowman Races, Snowman Making (on paper of course), Snowman Painting (in a bag!), etc.  I love S'mores.  Making s'mores reminds me of when we lived in Hershey.  The Agarwal family would give us a call to walk down to their house where the kiddos would put marshmallows on skewers and roast them over a pit and assemble their S'mores with none other but Hershey's chocolate (Mr. Agarwal works for Hershey!).  Those were really fun times that we cherish.
When the kids had their Snowman Races, they were each given a ziplock bag to hold the ingredients for their take-home melted snowman s'mores. 

melted snowman s'mores (my friend Lindsy, also at Preschool Alphabet)

1.  Use a sandiwch-sized ziploc baggie for each kit.
2.  Place 4 graham cracker squares, 2 large marshmallows and 1 small chocolate bar.
3. Print, cut out and fold the "Melted Snowman S'mores" topper.  (go to Preschool Alphabet to download).
4.  Go home and follow the instructions to make a delicious s'more!

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