Thursday, December 14, 2017

chicken shwarma

I took my husband to a Middle-Eastern restaurant that he'd been wanting to go to for quite a while.  We enjoyed our meal immensely then walked into the little store attached to it.  We bought the above shwarma seasoning so we could make something delicious at home.  As we paid for it I asked exactly how to prepare it so I could get it right.  We enjoyed it TWO nights in a row because it was sooooo good.  I am going to go back and get more seasonings to try out at home!

chicken shwarma (the gentleman at Al-Jebal told me the recipe)
2 pounds chicken, thinly sliced
1 ounce schwarma seasoning (I had to weigh it to be sure how much an ounce was- the bottle contains 5 ounces)

Combine chicken with oil and seasoning and let marinate a few hours.
When ready to cook, heat a little bit of oil in a pan and pan fry until done.
We like it one of two ways:
1.  Serve in a pita with tahini sauce, a hot garlic pepper sauce, cucumbers and lettuce.
2.  Serve over a fragrant rice with tahini sauce and a hot garlic pepper sauce.

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