Thursday, May 19, 2016

cup o' veggies

Yesterday my girls went to Activity Days and I was asked to help out.  What a great day to help!  Tables were covered with colorful fruits and vegetables and divided into several stations so the girls could assemble healthy and fun snacks.  I made ants on a log as a child and I've seen the spiders but I always forget about the cup o' veggies when it's time to picnic or potluck in the summertime.  The girls loved assembling them.

cup o' veggies (Sis. Quiner)
veggie sticks- bell pepper, carrots, cucumber, spring peas, celery, jicama
skewer veggies- olives, cherry tomatoes
dip such as ranch, Italian or Caesar
clear, plastic cups

Prepare veggie sticks.
Make veggies skewers by putting a piece or two of the selected veggies on the end of a skewer.
Pour 1-2 tablespoons of the dressing into the bottom of a clear plastic cup.
Fill the rest of the cup with veggies and skewers.

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