Friday, October 26, 2012

rainbow sugar cookie dough

My youngest two are learning their colors at "Spanish" preschool and got to make these awesome sugar cookies today at school.  I knew they'd be making sugar cookies but rainbow?  So fun!  I love having brilliant friends because I end up feeling a little bit brilliant myself, just by association.

rainbow sugar cookie dough (my friend Joyce)
After years of making sugar cookies with 3-year olds she learned to make the dough in advance, color it then give each child a rainbow they can roll out themselves then cut into shapes.  Brilliant?!  She takes her sugar cookie dough and divides it into 6 parts.  She makes one part red, another orange and another yellow.  You get the idea.  Then she puts a piece of wax paper inside a loaf pan then layers the colors, one by one, pressing them firmly into the loaf pan.  She refrigerates the loaf of sugar cookie dough.  When she's ready, she lifts the wax paper out of the loaf pan and slices the loaf.  She lets the cookie dough sit for a bit on the counter so it's easy for the kids to roll into shapes.  The kids had a very fun time.  When the kids scooped up leftover dough and rolled it out again the result was: TIE DYE!  Perfect for Berkeley or for my little Oregon town.

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