Thursday, June 14, 2012

candy bucket

The last day of school is quickly approaching so I got together with a friend of mine and with our girls we put this candy bucket together for a wonderful teacher.  It is simple to make and I love how festive and bright it is.  My kids and I are working on another candy bucket for my husband for Father's Day.

candy bucket
your favorite candy bars, boxes or bags of treats
few rocks
wooden skewers
packaging tape
colored tissue paper
cut-out stars

Place the styrofoam surrounded by the rocks in a pail, bucket or basket.    Tape the skewers to the back of the candy with the pointy part at the bottom.  If you choose, you can tape stars with cute sayings on them.  Poke the candy into the styrofoam.  Add colored tissue paper as a filler.

Teacher, you Rock!- Pop Rocks
We had a Ball with you this year! - Gumballs (the class is decorated with gumballs- they're everywhere!)
We'll be back next year for S'more! -S'mores (our kids will loop with this teacher)
We had Mounds of fun! -Mounds
You are such a Joy! -Almond Joy
Thank you for turning us into Smarties this year! -Smarties
We'd be Nerds if we didn't thank you! -Nerds
You get the idea!!

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