Friday, October 14, 2016

stormtrooper cupcakes

My birthday kid's treats were out of this world.  Every time I turned around we had a need for more treats.  Classroom treats, birthday day treats, birthday party treats, etc.  The stormtropper cupcakes were so fun and I am grateful for the pics online because I'd have never thought to make them and they were so easy thanks to these pens at Amazon.  They are for the birthday party.
The dirt which was requested for the actual birthday day was made with chocolate mousse instead of pudding because I refused to go to the store for 1 item, pudding, so I made chocolate mousse. What a difference!  I also used chocolate Oreo cookies instead of the regular kind.  Never make dirt with pudding when you can make it with mousse.
And I made layered mint brownies for classroom treats.
No more sugar for a while, please!!!!

stormtrooper cupcakes
Make some white cupcakes according to package directions.  Prepare stormtropper marshmallows using Bakerpan food coloring markers from  Ice the cupcakes and put a marshmallow on each one.

For party favors I am going to put a cupcake in a cellophane bag and pour some cute outer space sugar candies I found at the store into the bag so they settle at the bottom.  I'll attach a star shaped mylar balloon to the cellophane bag and tie it with a cute blue and white baker's twine I found at Michael's.  Easy, easy, easy!!

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