Thursday, March 20, 2014

do you want to build a snowman?

My daughter went to a Frozen party this afternoon and had an amazing time.  She brought back "Olaf", a decorated snowflake sugar cookie, coloring pages, paper dolls, etc.  For dinner they had pasta with alfredo sauce (snow).  What a great party!  Just the other day my mom's first grade class had a Frozen party at the park and had a marshmallow fight.  My kids would love that!!

do you want to build a snowman? (my daughter made it)
3 marshmallows (2 for the body, 1 for the head)
2 pretzel sticks (arms and hair)
2 mini marshmallows (feet)
2 mini chocolate chips (eyes)
4 blue jolly ranchers (blocks of ice)
orange gum drop (torn to look like a carrot nose)
icing (for glue)

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