Sunday, April 1, 2018

baby chick cupcake

The doorbell rang and everyone jumped.  To our surprise it was our home teacher and his family delivering a plate full of baby chick cupcakes to us.  Isn't this little guy adorable?  We're looking forward to dessert!
Just this morning we were delivered a huge pan of delicious cinnamon rolls.  Today has been a great day despite just finding out my grandmother passed away this afternoon.  How could it not be a great day- we've been reminded today of our Savior and his glorious resurrection.  He lives and each and everyone one of us will continue to when our mission on this earth has come to an end, just on the other side.

baby chick cupcakes (Sis. Barrow and family)
She mentioned using a box cake mix.
You can figure out the rest- yellow sugar crystals, chocolate chips and a little yellow and orange icing for the wings and beak.

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