Monday, July 22, 2013

nautical potluck

Lydia is awesome.  She said she had been wanting to throw a nautical-themed party for a long time and asked if I wanted to help.  I had heard rumors about Lydia's parties so of course I wanted to be involved...and learn from the master.  Mostly I tied up forks and napkins with baker's twine and Lifesavers as she suggested and made some deviled egg sailboats.  The rest of the time I sat back in awe.  There's something magical about this woman and the amount of STUFF she has on hand ready to decorate any and every surface.  There were whale garlands, old glass bottles, shower curtains, lace tablecloths, bolts of shimmery fabric, darling striped straws, pearls, gems, etc.  When we sent out the invitation we asked that guests get onto Pinterest for ideas for the potluck dishes they would bring.  They did not disappoint us.  Just look at that darling crab tuna salad sandwich and the orange boats sitting on an ocean of J-ello.  It made lunch SOOOO fun.  The next potluck is scheduled for early next month.

Credit:  J-ello- Lindsey M., Crab tuna sandwiches- Courtney V.

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