Friday, September 30, 2016

general conference weekend menu

I'm super excited about Conference Weekend.  My kids are excited about what we'll eat!!  Earlier this week I posted an index card in the kitchen to find out what my family was craving (this is kind of like Super Bowl Sunday in the way of food).  I got all sorts of responses and put them into a menu.  Some like to stick to tradition (citrus cream cheese pull apart rolls, cocktail meatballs).  I think some are trying to create traditions (won ton chicken tacos, chocolate mousse).  Everyone will be happy!

general conference weekend menu
(now posted in my kitchen)

conference weekend menu
saturday breakfast:
citrus cream cheese pull-apart rolls, cold milk or hot apple cider
saturday lunch:
tradition calls for eating out
saturday dinner:
cocktail meatballs, green beans, salad, fresh whole wheat bread
saturday dessert:
no-bake chocolate chip cookie bars
sunday breakfast:
croissants with nutella, cold milk
sunday lunch:
pulled pork sliders, veggie tray, salt & vinegar chips
sunday dinner:
won ton chicken tacos, hummus with tortilla chips
sunday dessert:
chocolate mousse

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