Thursday, March 17, 2016

pretzel shamrocks

My daughter texted this photo that she took of the pretzel shamrocks she made at mutual to take to friends who weren't there.  I thought they were super cute.  And easy.
I love treats that use Hershey kisses.  We still have a lot of Hershey in us (we lived there 3 months shy of 5 years ago and loved it).

pretzel shamrock
1 stick pretzel
3 regular mini pretzels
1 Hershey kiss
1 green M&M

On a cookie sheet make a shamrock, placing the pretzels as shown.  Place a Hershey kiss in the center as seen.  Make several more. Put the cookie sheet into the oven to melt the Hershey kiss (my daughter didn't mention the temperature but I'm sure you can guess).  Once the kiss is melted, take the cookie sheet out of the oven and press the M&M into the Hershey kiss.

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