Friday, February 6, 2015

store bought favorite: hearty beef stew

This is day #5 of being sick.  I NEVER get sick; this is crazy and boring and if I watch one more Netflix movie I think my brain will surely turn to mush (I am now addicted to the series The Paradise).  Yesterday I think I experienced the worst of it but the BEST thing was my friend Mandy delivered a few goodies on my doorstep- a big container of this hearty beef stew, some peppermint herbal tea and the prettiest white cup.  I looked at that soup like I had never seen food before and ate it the same way- it tasted divine!  It was just what I needed because I was at the point where nothing sounded good.  How she knew what I needed I will never know.

store bought favorite:  hearty beef stew from Market of Choice
Just do yourself a favor and get yourself some, especially if you haven't been feeling well.  You'll feel better!

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