Wednesday, February 25, 2015

store bought favorite: creamy garlic butter chicken

Note to self:  Another big hit with all my kids!  I just learned a great lesson- sometimes it's good to visit a different grocery store than you usually frequent because sometimes you'll find a treasure you never knew existed.  That's how I feel about this dish.  It's so easy and it's soooo good!  You put your chicken and vegetables in a 9x13, pour the sauce over the top and bake.  My kids were eating more carrots and potatoes than I've ever seen them eat.  It was a proud dinnertime.

store bought favorite: creamy garlic butter chicken (Campbell's OVEN Sauces)
You'll need 4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, 2 cups potatoes, cut into 1" pieces and a pound of veggies.  The picture on the front of the pouch shows green beans but I used crinkle cut carrots and they were very delicious.  You bake at 400 degrees for an hour.  Serve with a loaf of French bread. 

6 servings in a pouch- 7 grams fat, 5 grams carbs, 1 gram sugar, 1 gram protein

Another note to self:  It would be a good idea to put a few of these pouches in the pantry for when a quick meal is needed to take to somebody.  A "one disposable pan" meal!


  1. Which store did you go to?! :)

  2. Walmart! I ran in to get 4 gallons of milk (I can't believe how much we drink lately!) since I was at Office Depot and decided to take a look around. I found quite a few new things to try and even got a couple loaves of super good french bread for 1.00 and .60 cents plus a pumpkin pie for 2.39. I felt like I scored! :)