Sunday, February 9, 2014

dinner menu for the week of february 9

dinner menu for the week of february 9

sunday chicken tostada bar, grapes & pineapple, frozen peppermint pie
monday cuban sandwiches (new recipe!), pretzel chips, clementines
tuesday tandoori chicken wrap with cucumber dill sauce, apple slices, frozen blueberries
wednesday pasta fazioli soup, rolls
thursday easy chicken curry with vegetables (new recipe!), brown basmati rice
valentine's day cajun chicken pasta, caesar salad, sparkling apple cider, assorted chocolates
saturday chicken quesadillas (new recipe!), sweet corn, cup of mandarin oranges

sweets for my sweethearts
grandma's heart shaped iced sugar cookies
double chocolate mint brownies (but pink peppermint icing instead of green mint icing)
mom's chocolate surprise cupcakes with hershey's perfectly chocolate icing
rich chocolate chip toffee bars

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