Wednesday, December 4, 2013

healthy eating chart

A couple weeks ago my friend Cherie mentioned that her extended family is doing a fitness challenge (competition).  They track the healthy food they eat, water they drink, exercise and probably even more.  I thought it was a GREAT idea.  Then last week when we visited my SIL Heidi and had a couple of meals with her and her family I noticed a vast assortment of fresh fruits and veggies at every meal which was inspiring.  Instead of creating my own chart, I found one and printed enough copies for my family so we can get started.
If you'd like to print out a healthy eating chart you can find it HERE.

What I have to say- I wish there were a column for my kids to mark the junk food they eat.  They may be surprised how many treats they are sneaking- like I don't know!  Maybe one day the wrappers will make their way into the trash can.

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