Friday, November 1, 2013

store bought favorite: kashmiri curry

Knowing I needed a quick, healthy meal I thought this little jar might do the trick.  And it did.  This is Maya Kaimal All Natural Kashmiri Curry- Indian Simmer Sauce.  The jar said it would mild with rich tomato and nutmeg.  No preservatives.  Less than 5 bucks- SOLD!  Our meal was super quick and easy- cut up some chicken breasts, carrots, celery and threw in the last of our spinach for good measure.  Poured the sauce over it and simmered it  15 minutes then served it over rice.  It was delicious.  The only thing that would've made our super quick, healthy meal better would've been some naan bread to go with it.

store bought favorite: kashmiri curry (I found mind at Market of Choice)
ingredients: onion, water, coconut milk, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, canola oil, spices, salt, garlic, ginger, sugar, hydrolyzed yeast, tumeric, zanthan gum.
Servings per container: 4

What I have to say- I squeezed way too much food into one jar of sauce but it worked out alright.


  1. My friend bought this and is vegan. She loves it with cauliflower. We are not vegetarian, and I'm planning on trying it with chicken and peas. Was looking for reviews and found your blog. :)

  2. I hope you like it! You can never go wrong with peas. : )