Monday, March 19, 2012

store bought favorites: green and red thai curry sauces

Dinner tonight was exceptional considering it came from two bottles.  My husband came home from work earlier than usual and couldn't resist trying a bite or two.  He was disappointed that tonight he is going out to dinner.  He's right though, these dishes are wonderful and perfectly satisfying.  My husband took me out to a Thai restaurant a couple weeks ago and I have to say we should've stayed home and made Trader Joe's curries.  My entire family ate it right up and we could not decide which sauce we liked better.  The green has more of a kick to it and the red is a bit sweeter but the flavors are so different it's hard to choose.

trader joe's curry sauces
You simply cook your meat and vegetables then add the sauce and simmer.  You can simmer until it is heated through or simmer longer like I did. 
For the green curry simmer sauce I cooked steak with asparagus and green bell pepper.
For the red curry sauce I cooked chicken and steak with carrots and white onion.
You can't go wrong! 

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