Monday, February 13, 2012


Some friends of ours said they bought some of these Leninade drinks at Fred Meyer so of course I had to go get one for my husband who loves all things Russian.  Get this-

Join the Party!
Get Hammered & Sickled!
Leninade: A Taste Worth Standing In Line For!
Drink Comrade!  Drink! It's this or the gulgag!

A Party In Every Bottle!
Surprisingly Satisfying Simple Soviet Style Soda
Misha, Chill Down This Bottle & Chill Out!
Beware The Repressed Communist Party Animal Who Is Really A Proletarian In Denial Masquerading As A Bourgeois Cold War Monger!
Get Really Hammered & Sickled
Our 5-Year Plan: Drink a bottle a day for five years and become a Hero of Socialist Flavor

We aren't sure yet what socialist flavor is because my husband hasn't opened it after weeks of it sitting in our fridge!  Maybe I should encourage him to save the bottle.  OR we could probably buy more (imagine that!).
At $1.50 a bottle, get one and knock yourself out!

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