Thursday, December 1, 2011

store bought tradition- elf on the shelf

When I saw this book and elf in a magazine I had to have it.  I love Christmas, I love children's books, I love vintage things and I love traditions so I really did have to have it immediately.  It arrived yesterday and we read the darling book and put the elf on the shelf.  He wasn't there long because last night while the kids slept he had to report to Santa and when he came back he found a new shelf to sit on.  My kids will enjoy waking up this morning and looking for him.
I thought my sister-in-law and her kids would enjoy one so I ordered them one too.  I'm thinking I should order one for my sister too.  It's that cute.  If you think your family would enjoy one, just go to Pottery Barn Kids.  Free shipping!  (Just know they are on backorder until December 6th- bummer!)


  1. fun! If you're like me, you might run out of ideas of where to put the elf. there are some sites with great ideas:
    hopefully your elf won't get into TOO much mischief!

  2. You are too cute, Emily. Those are fun ideas which I'm sure my kids would get a kick out of. Thank you for sharing! You are always up to great things!!