Tuesday, December 13, 2011

graham cracker & applesauce delight

I just had to add this "recipe" to the cookbook for two reasons- my kids love it and this treat brings back old college memories.  My very first roommate introduced me to layering graham crackers, applesauce and whipped cream, something I'd never seen before.   When I bring this treat out after school for a snack my kids go wild with excitement.  It also makes a great snack for any 9-year old who has recently had 6 teeth extracted, like my oldest.  She had a few of these yesterday afternoon!

graham cracker & applesauce delight (my first roommate Liz)
several graham crackers, broken in half
several big spoonfuls of no-sugar-added applesauce
several big squirts of aerosol whipped cream

Simply layer it all on a plate or in a bowl (I prefer a bowl).  The best way to eat it is to make a mess out of it, breaking up the graham crackers with your fork or spoon and making sure the whipped cream gets spread in, out and all around.

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