Saturday, December 31, 2011

favorite scrubber ever!

Last week my husband and I went on a date.  A real date.  Just us, no kids.  It was FUN!  We had lunch then went shopping downtown.  The last time we went downtown our kids were with us and we decided to pop into an overpriced furniture store.  Our younger two were admiring themselves in an expensive mirror and broke it.  For not intending on buying anything that day we ended up buying something after all, darn it.  This time we were alone (just the two of us) so we put our disguises on and stepped into the overpriced furniture store.  This store has a neat kitchen section so my husband began his quest for the perfect scrubber.  Most of the bristles were far too stiff which causes water, food and grime to splatter everywhere but this felt absolutely perfect.  We took it home and filled it with soap and went to work on a sink full of dirty dishes (actually, we had to wait until we had a sink full of dishes).  This scrubber has to be the perfect scrubber.

favorite scrubber ever!
Made by OXO 
You probably do not have to go into an overpriced furniture store with a kitchen section to get one which means your children will not break an overpriced mirror so this purchase will cost you a mere $7.99 (plus tax if you do not live in Oregon) and worth every penny.  I think the refills were 2 for $5.  You can get one at!

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