Saturday, November 19, 2011

taco burger

When I told my husband burgers would be on the menu this week he said, "Then let's put some avocado on them or something to make them a little more interesting."  We didn't just put on avocado, we put on the works.  Cheese, lettuce, fresh salsa, pepperoncini, and sour cream.  They were absolutely delicious and everyone agreed.

taco burger (yours truly)
2 pounds ground beef
McCormick's taco seasoning
Rhodes frozen roll dough
cheddar cheese
shredded lettuce
your favorite salsa, drained (we used Rojo's and it was fantastic)
sour cream
pepperoncini, sliced
avocado, sliced

Thaw then bake frozen rolls as directed.
Shape ground beef into small patties.  Place patties in a grill pan (or on the grill) and sprinkle with taco seasoning.  Grill until almost done.  Place a slice of cheese on each patty and cook until cheese is melted and patty is cooked through.  Place a patty on a roll that has been sliced in half lengthwise.  Top with the works!

What I have to say- the salsa we used made them as delicious as they were.  My oldest kept saying, "Wow this is good salsa!"  We used Rojo's Medium Fresh Cut Salsa.  My new favorite!

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  1. Oh yum! I love burgers with "the works" but I never thought to add salsa! Do they work well on the rhodes rolls?! What a great way to always have buns on hand.